In a world focused on imageputting words first matters"Words first" editorialGets readers talking

In a world focused on image

putting words first matters

CodeWord Communications has provided writing and editing services and consulting since 2002. Clients get customized, quality content on deadline and on budget.

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"Words first" editorial

Gets readers talking

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CodeWord Communications specializes in creating "words first" editorial content that gets noticed

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In a world focused on image, CodeWord Communications wants to make sure your editorial content is just as sharp for a stronger overall impact. Putting words first is a philosophy that reflects a passion for communications and for helping clients connect with readers. It means taking  the time to learn about clients’ goals and then choosing words that get organizations noticed.


Editorial Content

You need editorial content to showcase your people, sell your products or programs and keep your audiences keen. CodeWord provides writing services from print articles to web stories to case studies.


Copywriting with a narrative focus conveys your message in a way that connects with readers, whether through blog posts, web copy or brochure content. Client stories get told with editorial flair. 


If you have a goal and need a plan to move it forward, CodeWord can help by creating editorial and digital strategies for print, online and social campaigns that get noticed by clients. Call for a free consultation.

Editing and Project Management

“Words first” editing and project management for larger communications projects means that copy is just as sharp as the images for a stronger overall package.

Welcome to CodeWord Communications

CodeWord Communications is a “words first” creative content firm specializing in editorial services that help you get noticed.


Why “words first”? The tagline emerged from realizing that some organizations start with form or image, with content as an afterthought. That’s not a very nice way to treat words.


With over fifteen years in business, CodeWord is a champion for words, or more specifically, storytelling.  A “words first” approach means honing in on narratives that will intrigue your readers and customers, and then translating those ideas into snappy content.


Clients in many sectors, from technology to business to higher education to government, have already trusted the expertise of CodeWord Communications and its founder Suzanne Bowness for projects that include magazines, feature articles, brochures, annual reports, news releases, and web content.


Do you want to give words equal power too? Let’s start a conversation about your next project – contact CodeWord Communications today.



CodeWord Communications provides universities, colleges and independent schools with articles and profiles for alumni and research magazines, websites, donor reports, annual reports, and more.


CodeWord Communications creates the documents that technology companies need, in plain language that readers understand, from case studies to blog posts to white papers to website copy.


CodeWord Communications helps businesses produce everything from marketing materials to newsletter articles to blog posts and web copy to reports to news releases.

Not-for-profit and Government

CodeWord works with government and non-profit organizations like hospitals and associations on projects from website copy to reports to articles and news releases.